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2013 jTFG Weekend "Daniel: Living Faithfully in a Foreign Land"


The Talks:

Friday evening: Rev Joy Atkins (first few minutes missing from recording)

Saturday morning: Georges Farhat

Saturday evening: Geoff Lumley

Sunday morning: Father John Seymour


Group Study Material. Download pdfs of the group study time materials

Group 1: Lifestyle - Daniel chapter 1

Group 2: Worship - Daniel chapter 3

Group 3: Prayer - Daniel chapter 6

Group 4: Dreams - Daniel chapter 2


Weekend Photos

logo 2013

Charlotte Bourchier's winning logo for the year to come.


I am in the process of getting worship songs from weekends off tapes and converting them to mp3. As I do so I am saving them in a BT Cloud Folder here.

You can either click "Download All" from the top right of the screen when you open the link, or open individual folders and then click to download the ZIP file inside it. It is not possible to play or download the mp3 the files individually.

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