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LBC News 1973 to 1993 (LBC produced compilation tape)

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Off air recordings of snippets of LBC

Welcome to a celebration of over 40 years of LBC

8th October 1973. 6am....till now.

Over the years from 1973 to 1994 I recorded lots of clips off air from LBC. Sometimes because I wanted to listen to a programme later than when it was broadcast, and at other times to try to get a collection of LBC Jingles....particularly Jeff Wayne's theme for the station.

In 1993 I made a one hour compilation on C60 cassette of some of these, and then the following year as LBC came to the end of its Franchise I did another cassette with other clips. Both these programmes are available on this site as aif files.

I am now transferring all of my recordings to digital format, and uploading them to this site as I do so. There is still a lot to add at the moment!

This site used by the BBC to gather clips for Brian Hayes' programme RADIO SALES (a look at history of radio advertising), early 2009

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