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Compilations by Geoff Lumley

LBC News 1973 to 1993 (LBC produced compilation tape)

Off air recordings of programmes

Off air recordings of snippets of LBC

Compilations by Geoff Lumley

LBC Presenter Photos
1973 to early 1990s, accompanied by LBC theme tunes

10 Years of Bob and Doug on AM

Bob Holness 10 Years
Memories of Bob and Doug together on AM

LBC at 20

Collection of recordings compiled to celebrate LBC's 20th Birthday

LBC at 20 part one
Cameron sings, Nightline Jokes, Station Promos. "Just down from Radio 1". and
Freddie Barrett to boot
LBC at 20 part two
AM show, Mr Nasty, phone-ins
LBC at 20 call from Douglas Cameron
Douglas Cameron leaves a message to say thankyou for "LBC at 20" tape

21 years in 24 hours

LBC closed down on 5th October 1994, 3 days sbort of its 21st birthday. This C60 cassette gives a quick look back at how each day sounded over those 21 years

21 years in 24 hours, part one
6am to 6pm, the sound of LBC over the years
21 years in 24 hours, part two 6pm to 6am, evenings and  nighttimes on LBC


LBC produced Promotional Tape for London Talkback Radio

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