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12 Hour With the Bible Course

This course was first delivered in early 2019 to a group of a couple of dozen adults in West London. It is best appreciated by attending sessions in person, but is also accessible online (the cost is the same either way). Each session includes a recording of the talk, a copy of the handout notes and a pdf version of the powerpoint used in the session. There are then also links to videos and other resources which are relevant to that session.

Please click on the relevant hour for access to notes and other items relating to each session of the course
(There is a charge for this, see below).

Each session of the course is charged at £5.25 per person, or the whole course is available for £48.30 per person.
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Creation: Who What Why When How? Human Beings: Our relationship with God & Creation The Fall: Why didn't they die? Was the snake right?
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Gardens & Rivers: See how they flow through Scripture The Flood:Why is there judgment, death and suffering? Babylon: the system that opposes God and His Kingdom
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Calling: Who does God call, what does it mean to be called? Covenant: God's agreement with Israel. Is it still valid? Blessings: God's character brings blessings. Why are there also curses?
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Failure: God waits for failure to be acknowledged. Why doesn't Jesus just return? Messiah: Fulfilment of promises, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Kingdom: What? When? The Holy Spirit as our guarantee.

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